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Green Mountain Organics is a Vermont Lifestyle Store. We carry Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses,and organic bedding by Pure Rest, Coyuchi, Natura, Shepherds Dream and Holy Lamb Organics. We are the importers of Ruskovilla Organic Merino woolen clothing, and also carry Hocosa and Lanacare organic woolens. We have an extensive collection of high quality goods made in the USA and Vermont; as well as books, gifts, and natural art supplies. Visit us by appointment in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

Product Information


Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses: For more information about the organic mattresses we offer from Savvy Rest, download the brochures listed below in PDF format from this page or Contact Us  

90-Day Latex Exchange Policy

Most of the time, we are able to help you select the perfect configuration for your Savvy Rest mattress. That’s what our savvy is about. Your mattress is a long-term investment in your comfort and health, however, so we want to make sure you are comfortable for years—not minutes. This is one of the advantages of ordering a Savvy Rest.

You have 90 days from the date you receive your Savvy Rest mattress to be sure you’re happy with its firmness or softness. If you decide after a few nights or a few weeks that you’d like a layer to be softer or firmer than your original choice, just Contact Us.

We will ship you a replacement layer. Once it arrives, simply unzip the casing, remove the layer you’d like to replace, and return it to us in the same box. There is no charge for the latex, you pay only the cost of shipping to receive and return a layer. Shipping costs vary based on size; we will tell you the cost when you call to request an exchange.

The latex exchange policy is not a return policy. We do not accept returned mattresses or pillows. Savvy Rest’s latex exchange policy allows you to be confident you are receiving the finest in customized fit and customer service.


Mattress Questionnaire (pdf)

The wool and cotton used in the mattress quilting are certified organic. There is no official organic certification program for latex, however, we are able to supply the results of extensive independent laboratory testing of the Dunlop latex for purity. The Talalay supplier is required to certify that no synthetic chemicals are added to the Talalay we use. The following certifications are in PDF form and are available for you to download.

Savvy Rest organic wool certification (pdf)

Savvy Rest organic cotton certification (pdf)

Savvy Rest Talalay latex letter of certification (pdf)

Dunlop latex eco certification and test results (pdf)

Dunlop latex Oeko-Tex certification (pdf)

Clothing Information

European Sizing: European sizes are based on centimeter height. Babies vary greatly in size at different ages, so measuring is the most accurate. Size up if you plan to machine wash, only use delicate wool cycle.

Washing and Handling Natural Fibers: Please handle fine textiles with the respect they deserve.

Organic Cotton

Please wash garments of organic cotton in the washing machine in warm water with an ecological washing agent. For best results line dry. Shrinkage will occur if dried in a dryer.

Wool and Silk

The starting point in the care of Merino and silk garments is to understand that they do not need such frequent washing as cotton clothing. They do not become dirty as easily as some other materials; in fact they repel dirt.

Wool and silk like to be aired. They share the unique quality of renewal, they are capable of cleaning themselves with oxygen. When you have two sets of woolen or silk underwear in a daily wearing and airing routine, they stay hygienic and fit for use for several days, often even for 2 to 3 weeks without washing.

It is commonly thought that garments become clean only at high temperatures. From the point of hygiene, wool and silk do not require washing by boiling - indeed, that would spoil them. They are dirt-repellent and do not offer any culture medium for bacteria or spores.

It is important that you use a biological washing agent which enhances dirt removal. Chemical detergents are harmful to wool and silk. In wool, they cause intertwining of fibers and felting. Silk does not felt, but the fiber does become hard.

It is recommended to wash woolen and silk garments by hand. Squeeze the garment lightly but avoid rubbing, rinse 2 to 3 times. If you use soap, it is advisable to add a drop of vinegar to the rinsing water to neutralise any lime remaining from the soap. Carefully squeeze the water out of the garment but avoid wringing, stretch the garment into its appropriate measurements lengthways. Spread it to dry but not in direct sunlight or close to an oven or other source of heat.

Our natural white woolen garments have not been non-felt processed. If you wish to wash them in a machine, you should prepare for shrinking by choosing a slightly larger size at the time of purchase.

....What about Moths and Fur Beetles

Moths and fur beetles which use wool as their source of nourishment are frequent visitors in urban conditions. Therefore, when you stop the frequent use of a woolen garment, keep it in a tightly closed bag. You can also deter moths and fur beetles by placing cedar rings in your wardrobe.


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