Lanacare Nighttime Soaker Diaper Cover

Lanacare Nighttime Soaker Diaper Cover
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Our pure natural woolen diaper covers / soakers are of the finest quality. Made with felted wool, for maximal absorption. Natural lanolin content gives wool self-cleansing properties and removes urine odor.

Medium (and Large) diaper covers have adjustable waist. Small opening in the outer seam of the woolen waistband allows you to access the inner elastic band, with button/buttonholes, to adjust for the perfect fit for your baby. Only soft wool touches your baby’s sensitive skin.

    Made of soothingly soft KbT-certiftied organic merino wool..
    For use over inner cotton or hemp diaper.
    Triple-layer felted wool panels where baby wets most.
    Natural lanolin content removes bacteria & odors.
    Wash as needed by hand with Lanolin-Replenishing Soap to maintain moisture repellant function
    3 covers in each size recommended.

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    XS for less than 7 lb. (< 3 kg)
    Small for 7 – 13 lb. (3-5 kg)
    Medium for 12 – 20 lb. (5-9 kg)
    Large for 20 – 30 lb. (9 – 13.6 kg)
    X-Large for > 30 lb. and up (> 13.6 kg)


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Starting at: $58.00 Sale: $49.30Save: 15% off

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